PVC tarpaulin truck side curtain uses high strength industrial polyester environmental protection material, can recycle and secondary use, can be used for freight cars,van,etc, can reduce the car body weight, reduce the oil consumption. The car can be fully or partially opened to facilitate mechanization and save time. The product quality meets the European standard.

pvc tarpaulin truck side curtain has the following advantages:

1) High Strength to prevent any damage during installing.
2) Outdoor life assurance, good weather resistance. (8-10 years)
3) Special treatments adopted to fit into different industry.
4) Special Treatment available: Flame Retardant; Anti-Static; Anti-cold; Anti-mildew; 3P Etc.

Curtain sides are an advanced development for greater efficiency in transportation of cargo. Curtain sides are designed to provide fast and easy access to your cargo in the body of your vehicle, while keeping it secure and sheltered.
Curtain sides are a combination of a flatbed transportation, allowing for unloading from the side of your vehicle, with the added protection you would expect from a dry van, combined together to provide an ideal method of transporting large loads, while protecting your goods from the elements in a convenient and efficient way. The curtain sides contain retaining straps which allow the curtain to be pulled back to one side on release, allowing for convenient loading or unloading of cargo.