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  • A PVC tarp’s longevity depends on how properly you treat it. If you keep it dirty and wet for long periods of time, it’s going to wear out quickly. PVC tarps normally last a very long time with proper care....【Learn More
  • Anti-mold is an important issue in the use of PVC Tarpaulin. In order to better avoid this phenomenon, some anti-fungal agents will be added during the production process. The commonly used anti-fungal agents are mainly The following:...【Learn More
  • PVC waterproof tarpaulin generally has good rainproof and sunscreen function. In the process of use, pay attention to its aging problem....【Learn More
  • The production process of PVC tarpaulin is simple and efficient, and it can be produced in large quantities in a short time, and the functions of all aspects of the tarpaulin are very good....【Learn More
  • Tarpaulin has a wide range of uses. Now more commonly used fabrics such as rainproof tarpaulin, Oxford tarpaulin, etc....【Learn More
  • It can withstand low temperature, the cold-resistant temperature is -20℃; ...【Learn More
  • PVC car tarpaulin material PVC is a kind of high molecular polymer, its own weight is light, waterproof, wear-resistant, and anti-aging. ...【Learn More
  • Tarpaulin has these many advantages, so that it gradually enters everyone's field of vision and is widely loved by the public. It can be used as a temporary shelter, its simplicity and quality are excellent. But what are the materials of the tarp?...【Learn More
  • In the hot scorching summer, a layer of PVC tarpaulin is put on the vehicles that vent outside, which protects the vehicles....【Learn More
  • Because of its convenience and good performance, plastic tarpaulin has been used more and more widely. Some people may find that the plastic tarpaulin may leak when using it on rainy days. Why does this happen? Let's discuss it together....【Learn More
  • How to fold and pack PVC tarpaulin? Next, let us take a look at the method of folding the tarp....【Learn More
  • Tarpaulin is widely used in our lives, and we can see it on any occasion. After we have finished using it, we leave it aside at will. After a long time, we will find some small spots on it and a peculiar smell. This is obviously moldy, but the smell is so unpleasant, how can we get rid of it?...【Learn More
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